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Laura's Story

Picture of Laura Degelmann kneeling behind three crystal singing bowls that are positioned on a rug. Two mallets lay on the rug in front of the bowls. Grass and vineyard trees in the background.

Growing up, music had always been a big part of Laura’s life. Through elementary, middle, high school and even college, Laura was involved in musical activities. It started with learning to play the flute, and that one instrument led into another, into another, into another. Laura was consistently drawn to different instruments- how they sounded and how they made her feel. In high school she played not only in the band, but was part of various choral groups as well. She was honored to be recommended for a collaborative high school band that allowed her to travel through Europe playing concerts in small town halls. She was always overjoyed to see people love the music she played. Her love of music followed her to Boston University where she was a member of the drumline in the marching and pep bands. 


In the aftermath of college, through the hustle and bustle of trying to establish herself in her teaching career, Laura’s involvement with music decreased and eventually disappeared- but it never left her heart. In recent years, through her own personal healing journey, Laura turned her attention back to music. She began to study sound healing and immediately knew that this was her second calling. Laura became a certified sound healer in 2022. She is thrilled to have music and instruments back in her life, and is honored to be able to help others heal through the music she shares.


Certified Crystal and Chakra Healer (Life Changing Energy) 

Certified Sound Healer: Level 1 Fundamentals (Life Changing Energy)

Certified Sound Healer: Level 2 Crystal Singing Bowls (Life Changing Energy) 

Level 1 Sound Healing Training (Sonic Institute) 

Reiki 1 and 2 Certified

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